Gateway supports the LEED™ construction project certification program and other programs where “green building” and construction waste recycling is practiced. Upon completion of your project, Gateway can issue a certificate showing your job recycling rate.

What is LEED™ Certification?

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program was developed by the US Green Building Council, a national non-profit organization. The LEED™ program is a voluntary program in which projects can be certified if they meet or exceed green building standards relating to the following categories:

    • Sustainable Sites
    • Materials and Resources
    • Energy and Atmosphere Innovation
    • Water Efficiency
    • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Design Process

Gateway assists clients in meeting the Materials and Resources category of the LEED™ program. Members of the US Green Building Council, representing all segments of the building industry, developed LEED™ and continue to contribute to its evolution.